A Little More

If you’re still here I thought I’d try this – borrowing the idea from the excellent Keith Pearson – here are some fairly uninteresting facts about me:

  • NAME: Steve Gowland (obviously)
  • AGE: Forty-something
  • FOOTBALL TEAM:  Blackburn Rovers
  • HOME: Merseyside in the UK
  • FAVOURITE BOOK: Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie
  • FAVOURITE TRILOGY: The Elenium – David Eddings
  • FAVOURITE TV SHOW: Breaking Bad
  • FAVOURITE FILM:  Inception
  • FAVOURITE MEAL: Lamb Tikka Saagwala
  • FAVOURITE DRINK: Tea – daytime. Gin  – evenings.
  • LOVE:  Walks, piano music, cinema and time with the family
  • HATE: Arrogance, ignorance and falseness.


  1. All About Soul – Billy Joel
  2. Clocks – Coldplay
  3. Rest My Chemistry– Interpol
  4. Stay Alive – José González
  5. Lock All The Doors – Noel Gallagher and the Flying Birds
  6. Little By Little – Oasis
  7. Love Really Hurts – Billy Ocean
  8. Birmingham – Amanda Marshall
  9. Animal – Thirteen Senses
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