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Book 1 – The Dark Crown

A classic fantasy story perfect for fans of Joe Abercrombie, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. The Dark Crown is about blood ties, the bonds of friendship, secrets and betrayal, and magic. 

‘No more souls today.’ he whispered.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance, both in the land of Thura and Kaoldan’s life. As a member of the magical Order of Walkers, Kaoldan is desperate to keep the peace as the world tries to tear itself apart.

But his life is about to change. There is a whisper in the wind; the return of Reng. The return of dark times. As Kaoldan fights to unravel the mystery and his own dark past, reunited with his daughters after years apart throws him into another unfamiliar role – how to be a father again. This is another battle he cannot lose.

Together they must solve the mysteries of Reng, unmask the true identity of the malevolent presence and unravel the secrets of the Dark Crown. Battles will be fought, lives will be lost, but if Kaoldan can save souls, there is always hope.

Book 2 – Coven of Shadows

Coven of Shadows is the breathtaking sequel to SPFBO semi-finalist ‘The Dark Crown’ and the second book of The Souls’ Abyss’ fantasy series.

Everything they fought for was a lie.

The Otan have returned and must be stopped, or darkness will fall over the land of Thura once again. 

Kaoldan and his Walkers must find missing pieces of the Dark Crown to prevent the fulfilment of this evil prophecy.

Can Kaoldan fight against his past, to fight for his future? Souls have been lost, the sacred order of Walkers has fractured, and his world shattered.  But can Kaoldan tell friend from foe, as the battle lines are drawn?  Kaoldan must discover the truth to free himself from the past.

Romina must fight to suppress the shadows. Darkness surrounds her, every day a new nightmare.  She must trust her strength, find allies amongst her captors, trust her power and her judgement to free herself and save her life.  Can anyone in the Coven of Shadows be trusted?

Book 3 – Darkness Fall out on 14th October 2021

The end is near. Darkness is close.

Can Kaoldan save his family?

Can the Walker Order survive?

Or will darkness fall across the land of Essealar once again, twisting and destroying all that is good in the world?

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