About me

Joe Abercrombie and me

I am SC Gowland, an international selling author, semi-finalist of the Self Publishing Fantasy Blog Off (SPFBO6) and the Book Blogger Novel of the Year Award (BBNYA) 2021.  THE DARK CROWN was my debut novel, and COVEN OF SHADOWS is book two of the THE SOULS’ ABYSS trilogy. Book three – DARKNESS FALLS was released in February 2022.

What to tell you? This is a difficult one.  What to tell you and what might be of interest?  I could talk about all the real life stuff; work, life, mortgage etc but – seeing as you’re here – the stuff that’s probably of most interest to you is writer stuff; how I do it, why I do it, the background to this trilogy.

Like many people I have always felt that I’ve had a book inside of me – painful as that might be – and have wanted to write my own stories. This particular idea has been bouncing around my head for over twenty years.  It’s only over the last three or so years that things have actually happened.

I am a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction. Reading authors like David Eddings and David Gemmell provided the basis of my education in all things fantastical and paved the way for the creation of my own fantasy worlds. I enjoy fiction that takes you to a different world, something completely absorbing and transcendental – a place you can lose yourself in – I try to incorporate these elements into my fiction.

So, how did I get started?

I attended various books events and met a few authors (like the inspirational Joe Abercrombie above), that did really inspire me to begin getting words down on the page.  The real turning was finding out about a podcast called The Bestseller Experiment (see below). 

In every way a writing experiment, led by two witty and very affable chaps, about what works (or doesn’t) in the world of literature and publishing.  I began getting ideas, learning hints/tips, tricks of the trade and with this came confidence and finally my words began appearing on a page.

I am writing a fantasy trilogy in the vein that I have always enjoyed.  A good trilogy should grab you, make you fearful, brave and emotional within an awe-inspiring world. I take my inspiration from various sources and not always from books; films, tv and video games have all played their part.

That is what I am working towards and, when they are released throughout 2020, I hope you will find them to be as fun, exciting and gripping to read as they were to write.

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