Three Reasons Why I Thank @SarahPinborough

I met Sarah Pinborough back in August 2016 – before her massive success with “Behind Her Eyes” – at the Dublin Ghost Story festival, and I owe her thanks for three different things.

The event was one of my first literary events and was something of a learning experience. She was both interviewer and interviewee on a few panels, and was hugely engaging and entertaining in both roles. This combined with the cosy atmosphere of the Freemason Hall – the venue for the weekend – and easy access to other authors such as John Connelly, Adam Nevill, AK Benedict and many others, made the whole weekend hugely enjoyable. She answered my questions with grace and good humour and even agreed to have her photo taken with me. That is the first thing I thank Sarah for.

Following the event, I began following her on Twitter – @sarahpinborough – and have done so ever since. She tweeted that she had been interviewed by the Bestseller Experiment and I duly checked out the interview. It was as I’d expected; funny, insightful and helped me with my writing. Partly because Sarah announced that the need to write everyday was “bollocks” – phew – and also because I found the podcast that would ultimately change my writing life. Without it I would have written nothing, or at least taken another 25 years to get anything down on paper. That is the second thing I thank her for.

The final thing I thank Sarah for is her book “Behind Her Eyes”. Which was my favourite book of 2017. It was launched to much fanfare, and a marketing campaign based of WTF That Ending. I demolished it in a single weekend. I was certain that I had worked out the ending, even two pages before the end I thought I had it – alas, Miss Pinborough blindsided me and produced an ending completely worthy of the WTF That Ending tag.

I shall reveal nothing about the book – no spoilers here – other than it is brilliant. The new Netflix show is released today and even though I know what is coming, I will be watching every minute gripped and smiling at wonderful storytelling.  

Bravo and thank you, Sarah Pinborough.

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