Three Reasons Why I Thank @SarahPinborough

I met Sarah Pinborough back in August 2016 – before her massive success with “Behind Her Eyes” – at the Dublin Ghost Story festival, and I owe her thanks for three different things. The event was one of my first literary events and was something of a learning experience. She was both interviewer and intervieweeContinue reading “Three Reasons Why I Thank @SarahPinborough”

The Trouble With Peace – a review

Reading time – 2 mins 27 seconds. The wait for a new book from your favourite author is always a torturous affair.  The date lingers in the diary; they reveal the cover, hints from the author on social media, the adverts, the trail of breadcrumbs from advanced readers, and you inwardly curse them for havingContinue reading “The Trouble With Peace – a review”

Semi finalist!

Something exciting happened today. I entered the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off (SPFBO) – basically an international fantasy book competition – back in June with my debut novel: The Souls Abyss: Book One – The Dark Crown. The first review was good and following additional feedback, I’ve improved the grammar and altered the front cover. TodayContinue reading “Semi finalist!”