Welcome to the Jungle

New Year, New Year’s resolutions – it’s also very exciting. My chief aim this year is to write far more books than I have done. The last six months of 2022 proved to be a disaster, I hardly wrote a thing, messed about with various projects but didn’t actually finish anything.

2023 provides an opportunity for a fresh start. My plans for this year are straight forward – write two and a half books. The only thing is I’m cheating on one project. The cheating being that I’m writing it with another author. It’s a project that’s been floating around in both of our heads for several years now, a combination of their influences and mine, a meeting of two great writing minds.

What would you get if you combined Romancing The Stone with Indiana Jones, and sprinkle in a touch of Jumanji, all in a fantasy world? That’s exactly what we intend to find out. We’ve plotted out 90% of the book and have even decided on an ending, now we just got to write the blooming thing. The interesting thing is I’m writing the main female character – Natasha – while my co writer creates the male voice for our reluctant hero Gary.

We are aiming to have the first draught of the book completed by the end of February, which will then give us three months to edit the book before submitting it into two different competitions. Already the ideas within the book have changed and  twisted, the feeling I get is that it has improved it. I’ve compromised on some ideas and my co-author with theirs.

I think the hardest thing we will have to agree on is the style of the front cover. We will use GetCovers again, but the look in my head is far more serious than it is in theirs, but we will have to see what happens and, of course, I will share with you the end product.

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you doing well and if you’re writing, getting words on the page. Until next time happy writing.

P.S We may already have a contender for the winner of best book title of the year. Mark Hood is due to release his next book in February entitled ‘The Fairies Want Me Dead’. How awesome does that sound?

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